World Health Day: Strengthening Mental Healthcare Governance in Maharashtra

Introduction As the world unites for World Health Day, it’s a crucial time to examine the state of mental healthcare governance in Maharashtra. Recent interventions by the Bombay High Court have shed light on critical shortcomings within the system, while simultaneously offering a roadmap for improvement. Let’s delve into the details of the court case, […]
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Understanding the UCC in Uttarakhand: A Legal Analysis

Introduction: The implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Uttarakhand has sparked a nationwide debate. The UCC aims to establish a single set of civil laws governing personal matters like marriage, inheritance, adoption, and property rights, irrespective of an individual’s religion. Article 44 of the Indian Constitution, seeks to promote uniformity and equality, fostering […]
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Hit and Run Case

Hit-and-Run, Ten Years: A Critical Look at the Proposed Harsher Sentence

Hit-and-run accidents represent a dreadful reality on our roadways. These unfortunate events, frequently driven by recklessness and an indifferent attitude toward human life, have sparked renewed discussions about appropriate penalties. A proposal advocating for upto ten-year sentence in all hit-and-run cases has garnered support. While the sentiment aligns with a justifiable demand for justice, a […]
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The Telecommunications Act, 2023

India’s telecommunications landscape is on the cusp of a revolution, thanks to the game-changing Telecommunications Act of 2023. This forward-looking legislation, bidding farewell to the outdated Telegraph Act of 1885 and the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1933, is laying the groundwork for a futuristic telecom infrastructure that promises to redefine how we communicate in the […]
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