Hit and Run Case

Hit-and-Run, Ten Years: A Critical Look at the Proposed Harsher Sentence

Hit-and-run accidents represent a dreadful reality on our roadways. These unfortunate events, frequently driven by recklessness and an indifferent attitude toward human life, have sparked renewed discussions about appropriate penalties. A proposal advocating for upto ten-year sentence in all hit-and-run cases has garnered support. While the sentiment aligns with a justifiable demand for justice, a […]
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The Telecommunications Act, 2023

India’s telecommunications landscape is on the cusp of a revolution, thanks to the game-changing Telecommunications Act of 2023. This forward-looking legislation, bidding farewell to the outdated Telegraph Act of 1885 and the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1933, is laying the groundwork for a futuristic telecom infrastructure that promises to redefine how we communicate in the […]
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